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You are not alone! Our community includes Recovering gamers (OLGA® members), Family members, loved ones, friends, concerned others (OLG-Anon members), and those who inform and reach out to others (Outreach). We know how powerful, cunning, baffling and destructive excessive video game playing can be, to some. It can be devastating to the real-world lives of gamers and to those close to them. OLGA®, OLG-Anon and Outreach provides resources for open discussion, support, information and professional referrals. We advocate and provide a 12-Step Program of recovery. We strengthen ourselves by helping one another. Participating in OLGA®/OLG-Anon is a healing journey for all of us. We respect the need for privacy and ask all who choose to participate agree to this: Who you see here, what you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here. Thank you for your courtesy.

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