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In your journey as an FTD care partner, you will face difficult and uncomfortable scenarios, take on new roles in your relationship, and be forced to adjust to a life forever altered by this disease. Support groups can help you navigate through the many facets of caring for someone with FTD.


Groups typically meet once a month. When a support group is led by an AFTD trained volunteer (identified by red pins in the map below), the volunteer has been trained and empowered by AFTD to foster practical, supportive group discussions, around topics such as

      • Safety

      • Symptom management

      • Adapting to changes and changing relationships

      • Local resources

      • Activities for the person living with FTD

      • Your own self-care

      • Navigating grief that can arise throughout this journey.

      • Topics presented by guest speakers at the request of the group (for example: an Elder Law Attorney).

Find A Meeting At: Find Support Near You… | AFTD (

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