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Weekly EA meetings provide a warm and accepting group setting in which to share experiences without fear or criticism. Through weekly support meetings, members discover they are not alone in their struggles. EA is a twelve-step program. As part of our recovery from emotional issues, it is important that members review twelve step material between meetings. Everyone who attends meetings is at a different stage of recovery, and accordingly, on different steps. There is no requirement for how long it should take to complete each step, only that members learn through the steps. By working the steps, we work through emotional challenges at a pace that is comfortable for each of us individually. As an anonymous program, EA always respects the confidentiality of its members. Members are not required to share any personal details - or even last names if they do not choose to - at meetings. As a spiritual program, there is an emphasis on a Higher Power. The Higher Power at its core is really recognizing that there is a force or being bigger than ourselves in the universe. Experience has shown the EA program works equally well for any religious affiliations and those without religious beliefs.

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